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Catch the Light (Official Music Video) - Mikalene
Lightborn Enterprises

Catch the Light (Official Music Video) - Mikalene

*** Lightborn releases music video for their song, Catch the Light *** Catch the Light, then Light your World is a definitive Lightborn theme. The song Catch the Light, was written and performed by the very talented Mikalene Ipson, for Lightborn Enterprises. Tor Lowry - a world-renowned pool instructor - is a multi-talented and gifted man, and some of his amazing artisanship is displayed as the film-maker of the clip. And how about the incredible acting from the wonderful Sammy Myrick? We recognize Jesus as the True Light, and when we receive Him as LORD and Savior, we are transformed into the Kingdom of Light. We are summoned by the King of Kings to share that Light, and as adopted sons and daughters we are enlisted to be ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven. We bring that message to a darkening world. Divorce, suicidality, rejection and the fear of rejection, depression, addiction to drugs and alcohol, poor self-image… these are all issues that millions of people are facing, will battle or have already struggled with, and you will see them touched upon in this video. Redemption is the result of the soul who accepts the Christ’s offer of forgiveness, adoption and restoration, by accepting His vicarious sacrifice for our sins, and that too will be evidenced. This song and the accompanying video are partial expressions of those sentiments. We hope you are blessed by the video, and that you share it with others. Catch the Light, then Light your world
Heaven Needed You More (Original Song)
Mikalene Ipson

Heaven Needed You More (Original Song)

Download available here- This song was sent straight from Heaven. I still can't believe all the miracles that took place in writing this song and putting this video together. Last year I received a message from a sweet girl named Dominique. She had just been through something that is probably one of the hardest things a mother could go through. At 30 weeks pregnant her baby Porter was stillborn. She asked if I could write a song in his memory for her and her family. For weeks I tried to write and nothing, then weeks turned into months, still nothing. Then one day I was sitting at my piano so frustrated trying to pull words and a melody from anywhere. I got up from my piano ready to give up once again, and I said to myself "There are no words that I could write that would ease her pain." And then the first line just came and the rest of the song was finished in a few minutes. I am so thankful for music, and that I was able to be a voice for Dominique and for Mothers everywhere who have experienced the loss of a child through miscarriage or still birth. We hope this song brings you comfort! To Connect with Dominique and share her story go to Lyrics No words can describe the heartache, no words of comfort anyone can say. I've never felt a pain like this before a peice of my heart died with you. Chorus But I guess Heaven needed you more, but I can't understand exactly what for, is this a trial of my faith? a lesson to be learned? why did my baby come to earth then so quickly return? I gotta get up off the floor and trust that Heaven needed you more. I came home to an empty nursery, your cries and laughter won't fill this room, this was not the way I planned it. oh Lord I'm needing comfort from you. (repeat chorus) My arms are empty but you'll remain in my heart, and just remember Mommy loves you and we're not really far apart. Yes Heaven needed you more, and I'm starting to understand exactly what for, it's been a trial of my faith, so many lessons have been learned, yes my baby came to earth and then so quickly returned, but I'm up off the floor I know that Heaven needed you more. Music and Words by Mikalene Ipson Piano arrangement and background vocals by Jadon Webster Recorded at Spiral studios Videography Brett Ipson Dance Choreography Tia Stokes Video Editing Tor Lowry Filmed at Sand Hollow Reservoir Special thank you to Angie's Art #stillborn #angelbaby #loss

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Sometimes, I'm speechless. My friends would tell you, that's impossible because I'm outgoing and known to break out in song anywhere. I'll sing in a stairwell, in my car or anybody's car for that matter. I've sung many a song while cleaning toilets, taking walks, changing diapers and cooking meals. I love singing that much and knowing what I do about how healing and uplifting music can be in a person's life, I love to write and sing songs anywhere that could touch a person's heart, even for a brief moment. I love to stir memories, heal wounded souls, make people want to dance, lift spirits, inspire and spread joy through song. ~Mikalene


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Whether it's my piano, any of my guitars, my touring trailer, my sound system, my stage lighting, or any of the numerous guitar picks - I consider them cherished tools of my passion and none of them are taken for granted. ~Mikalene

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