Out Mika I'll Remember copy

Introducing the new CD by Mikalene.  “I’ll Remember” is available now.  

Order your copy today!  Checkout is at the bottom of this page.  Also available on itunes and Amazon.

Out Mika copy

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  •     Pixie Dust
  •     Love Like That
  •     Pray For Rain
  •     Brush Whiskey
  •     You Are Beautiful
  •     Military Wife
  •     Happiness Is
  •     For Good
  •     Cherry Red Ford
  •     Sunshine After Rain
  •     House Rules
  •     Sunday Kind Of Love Song
  •     Before It's A Yes
  •     Catch the Light
  •     Change The World
  •     Daddy's Duck Bline
  •     I'll Remember
  •     Just Like You
  •     KISSING
  •     Radiant You


Mikalene is proud to announce the release of “Pixie Dust”.

” Her lyrics resonate with everyone who has experienced struggles with disappointment, heartache and unresolved goals. Her clear melodic voice reminds the listener of Allison Krauss, Miranda Lambert, or Trisha Yearwood.” -Gail Bunker

“I have been surprised more than once, listening to a locally made album featuring local talent, to find something so good and so worth listening to that, after I have finished reviewing it I end up happily adding it to my own collection to listen to again and again.”- Cami Cox The Independent

Order your copy today!

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5 thoughts on “Music

  1. Paul Flamino says:

    Hi, I would like to get 3 cd how do I order more than one at a time ??? Plus Can you please autograph the cd & the cover with your pic thanks Paul Flamino

  2. Tonja Hall says:

    Mika – this makes me so happy for you!! I’ve been waiting for 10 years to see this! I can’t wait to get it here and listen!! I’m so proud of you and what you have made your beautiful life! Makes my heart smile!

  3. shane brown says:

    I ordered my copy today. Can’t wait to hear it!!

  4. Aaron says:

    I am going to order this when I get home! but I listened to the all the samples and you have a very pretty voice and nice lyrics. My only tip for your lyrics would be it’s okay to get away from pretty,I know you can go deeper girl! Your slower songs are my fav and I picture them all over the radio!

  5. Timmy Gibbs says:

    Love the Music on this CD can not wait to Order a copy for our house the Kids Love it too 😀

    Timmy Gibbs