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I was always performing as a child.  I had the coolest Barbie microphone and the best stuffed animal audience ever! In 4th grade I began performing in a group called Sunshine Generation I loved it and loved my teacher Jill Burns, She was so inspiring and really believed in me. When I turned 13 I began performing with various bands and musicians, I knew that I wanted to be a Country Singer! It was all I thought about, I began practicing relentlessly me and my mom traveled all over Utah, Nevada, and Arizona performing at every fair, festival, wedding, and event known to man. We moved to Sunny Southern Utah as I started high school and I participated in every pageant, play, musical and performing opportunity available! I was even the very first enrolled student at Tuachan High School for the Performing Arts :)

The time came and I packed my bags and bought a one way ticket to Music City USA, I was ready to take on the world :) and I did. I met incredible people and had amazing experiences, I got to do things that most people only dream of. I worked with some of the best in the industry and I loved every second of it. I had other dreams to fulfill also though and I came home to the red hills of Utah and to my sweetheart I got married and was blessed with my beautiful little girl Mikettalyn who is the light of my life. I began to write my own songs I had been through a lot in my short life from Self-esteem issues to bullying. I never thought my own songs were good enough to share, but when I did start to share them, I realized that they did make a difference and that people did appreciate them. I have been so blessed in my life and I am so grateful to be able to share my songs with you. It is a real life dream come true.

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